At Kintsugi Holistic Health, the assessment and treatment of mental illness is informed by a whole-of-person approach that is respectful, inclusive and culturally safe. Part of our mission is to manage mental illness across various ages and stages using a stepped care approach to ensure that every person receives the appropriate level of care dependent on the complexity of their condition.

All services provided at Kintsugi Holistic Health are eligible for Medicare rebates. Please click Book Now for more information.

Standard Consult:

A 40 minute consult including, where relevant:

  • Thorough history of the presenting concern.
  • Comprehensive bio-psycho-social history.
  • Mental state examination, including risk assessment.
  • Administration and interpretation of outcome measurement tools, e.g. DASS-21, K10.
  • Arrangement of any necessary investigation, e.g. pathology and imaging.
  • Clinical formulation.
  • Implementation of a management plan which may include non-drug interventions, medication, referral to a psychologist or allied mental health professional, referral to a psychiatrist, and coordination with community support and rehabilitation agencies, mental health services and other health professionals.
  • Provision of preventative health care, including safety planning.


For returning patients, a 20 minute consult including, where relevant:

  • Ongoing assessment and/or review of presenting concerns.
  • Review of outstanding investigation results.
  • Review and revision of management plan.
  • Provision of treatment, e.g. prescription, advice and/or referral.


GP Mental Health Treatment Plan:

A 40 minute consult which includes assessment and preparation of a GP Mental Health Treatment Plan (GPMHTP). Please refer to Standard Consult for details of assessment. In addition, preparation must include:

  • Discussion of the assessment.
  • Discussion of referral and treatment options.
  • Agreement of goals and actions to be taken.
  • Provision of psycho-education.
  • Planning for crisis intervention and/or relapse prevention, if appropriate.
  • Making arrangements for required referrals, treatment, appropriate support services, review and follow-up.

Upon completion, patients will be eligible to be referred for up to 10 Medicare rebateable mental health services per calendar year for psychological therapy or focussed psychological strategy services. Patients will also be eligible to claim up to 10 separate services for the provision of group therapy (either as part of psychological therapy or focussed psychological strategies).


GP Mental Health Treatment Plan review:

For returning patients, a 20 minute consult for assessment and management of progress once a GPMHTP has been prepared, which must include:

  • Review of progress against the goals outlined in the GPMHTP.
  • Modification of the GPMHTP if required.
  • Checking, reinforcing and expanding psycho-education.
  • Planning for crisis intervention and/or relapse prevention, if appropriate and if not previously provided.
  • Re-administration of the outcome measurement tool used in the assessment.

In practice, a GPMHTP is usually reviewed after the initial course of treatment – a maximum of six sessions, and again after the subsequent course of treatment – up to the cap of 10 sessions, usually four sessions.


Focussed Psychological Strategies:

A 40 minute consult for the provision of Focussed Psychological Strategies (FPS). FPS refers to specific mental healthcare treatments based on evidence-based psychological therapies. A range of recognised FPS can be used including:

  • Psychoeducation, including motivational interviewing.
  • Cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT), including behavioral interventions and cognitive interventions.
  • Relaxation strategies.
  • Skills training, including problem solving and training, anger management, social skills training, communication training and stress management

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